Hosting Support

Dedicated Servers Support

Dedicated Servers A dedicated server is a server that we purchase and own and lease to you. Typically we provide the server, colocation (the space for the dedicated server to go into) and bandwidth (data transfer or traffic). There are a range of options that we are able to provide, and it is often a […]

Hosting Space

Every NetValue hosting account has a minimum of 100meg of hosting space / disk space allocated on the file servers. For Linux hosting accounts, inside each hosting accounts home (root) directory is a subdirectory named public_html. Files placed in the “public_html” folder are visible to remote browsers over the internet. For Windows 2003 hosting accounts, […]

How do I change file permissions?

If your website is hosted on one of NetValue’s Linux hosting servers you can change permissions by logging into your MyPanel, and going to the ‘file manager’. Navigate to the folder or file you wish to change user permissions on, and click the number on the right of the file/folder (in the ‘perms’ column). You […]


We offer some of New Zealand’s most reliable, secure and best value telehousing and colocation options. By utilising robust networks, multiple and redundant bandwidth sources, UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), backup generators and our own very experienced in-house specialist system administrators, we provide you with several good reasons to locate your mission critical servers in our […]

Form Mail

Do you have FormMail? Yes, FormMail cgi scripting is preinstalled on NetValue’s Linux hosting servers. Simply place the following on the appropriate page and amend the ‘value’ fields to your own requirements. You will also need to remove any ‘*’ . <*FORM METHOD=POST ACTION=””*> <*input TYPE=”hidden” name=”recipient” value=””*> <*input TYPE=”hidden” name=”subject” value=”Order Form”*> <*input TYPE=”hidden” […]

Secure Socket Layers (SSL)

SSL (Secure Socket Layers) make sure that the information being sent to and from the website is unreadable by anyone in between. SSL is the encryption method used to ensure secure transactions on the Internet. Information from our secure server is encrypted to and from the customer. This means any sensitive information (eg: credit card […]


The MySQL version we have installed is: 5.051a MySQL databases are limited to 50MB in size. A size limit for mysql databases may seem unusual, given that we do not have a disk space limit. However, a database sits in the RAM of a computer, and large databases can “hog” most of the RAM. For […]

Virtual Hosting

What is Virtual Hosting? Having virtual hosting means your website, along with many others, is located on a computer that is connected to the internet via a very fast link 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, all year round. If you were to host your website privately it would cost you far more than […]

Server Side Includes (SSI)

Can I use Server Side Includes (SSI) with my Interspeed hosting account? Yes, both Interspeed’s Linux and Windows servers are set up to process any file with an extension of .shtml as an SSI enabled page. If you require any SSI scripts to run, ensure the page is a .shtml file. For example, filename.shtml will […]

How do I access MyPanel?

With NetValue you have one main username and password that you use to access MyPanel. You may change that password once you are logged into MyPanel. You also have individual hosting account ftp usernames and passwords, and email account passwords. I’ve lost my MyPanel login details how can I obtain them? Please use the ‘Lost […]