Hosting Support

SPF record for customers

If your domain name has an SPF definition and you use NetValue’s email infrastructure you should add the following to its SPF: This will help prevent messages sent via NetValue’s platform, for your domain name, being penalised by email providers that strictly enforce SPF rules. DKIM information: DKIM records for customers

Windows Hosting (General)

.NET Microsoft .NET is deeply integrated into the Windows Server 2003 family. The .NET Framework enables an unprecedented level of software integration using XML Web services: discrete, building-block applications that connect to each other-as well as to other, larger applications-via the Internet. Integral to the Microsoft platform, the .NET Framework provides the ability to quickly […]

Linux Servers

What Linux servers does NetValue run? We use Debian with Apache web server. Linux Debian Apache version is 2.4.10 Apache NetValue’s Linux servers run Debian and Apache web server. The Apache version is 2.4.10 The Apache modules we have installed are: mod_attach, mod_dav, mod_perl, mod_bwlimited, mod_php4, mod_log_bytes, mod_ssl, mod_setenvif, mod_so, mod_auth, mod_access, mod_rewrite, mod_alias, mod_userdir, […]

Private SSL Web Server Certificates

A private SSL Web Server Certificate on your website displays the identity of the website owner and the name of the independent authority who verified that identity. The Web Server Certificate connects at 128 bit, 56 bit or 40 bit depending on the client’s browser capability. Why do I need my own SSL Web Server […]

Windows Servers

What Windows servers does NetValue run? We run Windows Server 2012 with Internet Information Server 8.

Third Party COM Objects

Can I install my own custom or third party COM objects on NetValue´s hosting servers? Yes, this is possible, however, installation is subject to investigation and final approval of the server object by the system administrator, and incurs a minimum once off fee of $99- [+GST]. NetValue’s Custom and Third Party Control / Com Object […]


NetValue has php5 installed on our Linux servers. We support the following php modules: BCMath support Calendar support ctype functions CURL support (libcurl/7.10.3 OpenSSL/0.9.6b zlib/1.1.3 ) FTP support GD Support(bundled (2.0 compatible) FreeType Support GIF Read Support JPG Support PNG Support WBMP Support IMAP c-Client Version 2000 mcrypt support Ming SWF output library MySQL Support […]

Default Display Page

What should my ‘homepage’ be called? For NetValue’s Linux Hosting Accounts the filename of your home page should always be: index.htm  or  index.html The NetValue web server will automatically send the file at path /home/username/public_html/index.htm  or  /home/username/public_html/index.html when a browser specifies For NetValue’s Windows hostings accounts you should use: index.htm , index.html , default.htm […]

Linux Platform PHP & Apache Upgrade FAQ’s

Why the changes? The first reason is we’d like to be able to offer you PHP 5 for your web site(s). Secondly security. PHP has always been notoriously hard to secure from a hosting provider’s perspective. Many don’t bother and security breaches are common as a result. We’ve just added a bunch of security measures […]

Windows Server Components

We have a number of server components installed on our Windows servers. ASPEMail ASPEmail is an active server component that enables your ASP application to send email messages via any external SMTP server. ASPEmail can be used for the same sorts of purposes as formmail in a Linux environment. For documentation and examples on how […]