Glossary of Terms

Anonymous FTP

Capability of setting up a public area for remote access to your server.


Bandwidth is a measure of network resources, normally measured in megabytes (MB) or gigabytes (GB)


All customers have access their own cgi bin in which you may place your own custom CGI scripts. CGI is a standard method of extending web server functionality by executing programs, or scripts on a on a web server. Examples are “hit” counter or guest book. You may use this directory to set up scripts that you write or find elsewhere on the Web. We offer several pre-written scripts, available free for your use. These include a clock, counter, guest book, form e-mail processor, discussion forum, and much more! Use of CGI can make your web page much more dynamic and add interactivity for the user.

Data Transfer

Any outward-bound traffic from your web site is considered data transfer. For example, each time an HTML file, image, or other element on your web page is loaded, data transfer is generated.

Web Statistics

Comprehensive daily graphical reports on your website visitor demographics. Learn more.

Domain Name

The address of a network location in the format that identifies the owner of that address in the format eg  This is a domain name of Interspeed Web Solutions.

Disk Space

Disk space refers to the amount of server disk storage your account is allocated. This space is used to store your Html files, graphics, audio clips, POP mail messages, and all other files that make-up your Web site. Each of our web hosting accounts includes a specified allotment of disk storage space.

E-Mail POP3

Each of our hosting packages comes with unique POP3 E-Mail accounts. The POP3 E-Mail feature is a means to store email messages so that they can be retrieved by the owner from anywhere on the internet., in addition to E-Mail forwarding. Your POP E-Mail accounts can be instantly created from MyPanel and are included with all server packages.

E-Mail Aliases / Forwarders

The email forwarding feature allows you to automatically forward mail from one POP mailbox to any internet email address. An e-mail addressed to could forward to an account at AOL ( or to another E-Mail address on your domain ( Specific mail forwarding options may be enabled in MyPanel to redirect or forward E-Mail names to different addresses on the Internet.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

A document listing common questions and answers on a particular subject.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

The Internet service that transfers files from one computer to another over standard phone lines. You can work on HTML documents, graphics, and scripts locally, then upload files to your Web site when ready. You have unlimited access to your virtual server via FTP 24-hours a day to set up and maintain your Web site. Learn more.

Full Tape Backup

Comprehensive backups of your data. In the event of permanent data loss, a restoration may occur that will recover your lost files. There will be an additional charge for this service.

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)

The standard markup language used for documents on the web. HTML uses tags to indicate how browsers should display page elements such as text and graphics and how to respond to user actions such as hyperlinks.

HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)

The protocol that enables web browsers to retrieve information for the internet.


A pointer from text, a picture, a graphic, or from an image map to a page or a file on the Internet. Hyperlinks are the primary way to navigate between pages and sites.

Internet Information Services (IIS)

Microsoft’s brand of web server software, utilizing Hypertext Transfer Protocol to deliver internet documents. IIS incorporates various functions for security, allows for CGI programs, and also provides for FTP servers.

IP Address (Internet Protocol Address)

An IP Address (Internet Protocol Address) is the standard way of identifying a computer that is connected to the Internet, much the way a telephone number identifies a telephone on a telephone network. An IP address is four numbers separated by periods, and each number is less than 256. For example,

Through-out the Asia Pacific region the body that allocates IP addresses has adopted, due to high IP address demand, strict allocation criteria. Typically one IP address is allocated per server/computer/machine in a network.

This makes IP addresses in very short supply. We are able to provide you with your own IP address in very restricted circumstances, including when you may need your own SSL certificate. There is a cost of $100/yr per IP address.

Mailing List

A list service for emailing your customers in a consolidated fashion.

Money Back Guarantee

30 Day money back guarantee on all of our packages for virtual web hosting – we guarantee your satisfaction! If you are not satisfied with our service during the first 30 days we will refund your hosting fees. Any setup fees will not be refunded.

MS Index Server

A search engine facility for NT based websites.


The web based MyPanel is an interface you can use to administer your account online. You can setup email accounts, email forwarding, password protection, statistical reporting, bandwidth usage, and much more!


High-end performance database application for Windows servers, for large and complicated back-end integration of database files.

MySQL Database

A UNIX based SQL database that is very easy to use. Learn more.

Password Protected Pages

Protect your web pages with groups of passwords and user ID combinations.


A method of accessing a document or service over the Internet, such as File Transfer Protocol, (FTP) or Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP).

Raw Log Files

For statistical analysis, you may download for compiling on your local machine.

Reseller Name Servers for your nameservers – protect your identity and appear as though you maintain your own servers and name service. Perfect for Resellers or portfolios of multiple accounts.

Server Side Includes (SSI)

Add the convenience and flexibility of embedding CGI capability into your web pages.

Shopping Cart

Add the convenience and power of our integrated shopping cartsystem for e-commerce webhosting!

SSL Encryption

Secure Socket Layers (SSL) establishes a secure communications channel to prevent the interception of critical information, such as credit card numbers. SSL will light up the key (or the lock) in your customer’s browser, greatly increasing trust when buying from your site.

UDAI – Unique Domain Authentication ID

The Unique Domain Authentication ID, or UDAI, is a randomly generated unique identifier that is required to authenticate requests to transfer domain names from one registrar to another.

A UDAI is generated when a domain name is registered, although the domain name’s registrar can generate a new UDAI at any time if required.

Registrars are obliged to promptly make UDAIs available to registrants upon request and may not withhold them to prevent a domain name from being transferred under any circumstances.

UPS Power Backup

Full power redundancy ensures your site will not be harmed during a power outage.

Web Browser

Software that interprets the markup of files in HTML, formats them into web pages, and displays them to the user. Some browsers can also permit users to send and receive an email, read newsgroups, and play sound or video files that are embedded in web documents.